Quarter-Life Crisis: The Aftermath


Around this time last year, my life was filled with uncertainty. The Quarter-Life Crisis was hitting me hard. I didn’t know what 25 was going to have in store for me. The only thing I was certain of was that it was going to come to pass, whether I was ready for another year in this Masquerade or not.

In very small ways, I began to make big decisions, and world around me finally began to reflect that. It was a slow process, but the flicker of passion that put air in my lungs and kept one foot moving in front of the other made itself known. After that, it just felt natural to own the best from experiences and make things better. My scattered cards finally fell into place, and my words – that I devastatingly missed – finally returned in full force. Somewhere along the way, I became less desperate in my pursuit of happiness.

I finally arrived at my happily ever after.

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My Favorite Things About Social Fresh East 2014


I had an amazing opportunity last week to attend the best social media conference, Social Fresh East! It was an incredible mesh of people coming together based on their belief in the power of digital storytelling. I left the event last week with some great insight – and motivation – on how to be a […]

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Memorial Day – Remembering Andre


This Memorial Day I’m reminded that inspiration doesn’t always come from the happy occurrences in our life. Motivation for change is often found in the aftermath of tragic events that we may never understand.

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The Writer Bite: Why Grammar is Important


Try Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker free of charge because Uncle Ben was right – “With great power, comes great responsibility.” I always talk about running free with your thoughts and ideas to make it through The Masquerade. The catch with that comes from how those ideas are presented. Your thoughts deserve the best form of expression. […]

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To Those Looking for Purpose


Should your yellow brick road turn to a life in the grey; know that staying true to our sense of adventure is a greater love story than any other. Lost – Adjective: Unable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s whereabouts. In seeing generations before us end up so unhappy with how their lives turned […]

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The Escapist Returns


My fellow Escapists, it’s been way to long…. What a journey I’ve been on the last seven months. I haven’t done well in keeping you updated on my wordy adventures, but I hope that will all change this year. Let’s just say I’ve grown during my time away.

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The Secret to Content Development- The Storyteller


Content is more than a tool to encourage transactions – it’s about the interactions of two stories. Beautiful design, consistent messaging, and analytic research are only a small part of the development process. The secret to content development is in how the pieces are connected.  This is why every team needs a designated storyteller. This […]

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How Candy Crush Helps Me Deal with Failure


Being brave enough to create something, means we’re susceptible to criticism and have to deal with failure. After receiving one piece of bad news after bad experience in my work, I have to admit it is getting old. A girl can only adapt so much and grow so fast, before these negative experiences started making […]

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Catalyst for Change


Storyteller – n. – The one who will save us all.  

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Storyteller Spotlight: Isaac Marion

Isaac Marion author of National Bestseller Warm Bodies & The New Hunger. Photo taken from his website.

I’m not a fan of the Q&A style post, but if you follow Isaac Marion’s blog post or late night tweets – you know only his words can give his character justice. Marion is best know for his New York Times Bestselling Novel, Warm Bodies.  A story from the perspective of a zombie named R […]

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